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About Us

Who We Are

We are a Canadian company dedicated to helping people improve their communication skills on all levels: personal, professional, social and international.

Our programs were created by Bob Gottfried, Ph.D., who has been facilitating counselling, therapy, coaching and consulting for over 30 years. Bob specializes in neuro-cognition, communicaiton stratgeis, conusmer behaviour, content/message analysis and stress management.Bob developed a unique approach to effective communication, and his strategies have been used globally by individuals and organizations.

He has helped thousands of people improve their lives, relationships, and work environment, solve conflicts, reduce stress, and learn to live a more fulfilled life. He has also helped corporations with developing communication strategies that were well received by their target audiences.

He also developed breakthrough methods to analyze people’s communication styles to build rapport rapidly and communicate effectively with anyone regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds.

His strategies that can easily be applied to resolve conflicts and enhance personal and professional relationships.

Bob is also a great believer in the importance of identifying the thinking and behavior that drive people to respond positively to any message, be it a brand name, advertising or social engagement campaigns.

He maintains that not fully understanding the importance of these factors result in spending a lot of money on promoting an idea, service or product but failing to get the desired results. He, therefore, created a tool he uses to assess a message and determine how it might be received by the audience it is trying to reach.

What are Your Communication Needs?

No matter what your communication needs are, whether your goal is to improve your own relationships, become more influential or popular, succeed at business meetings and negotiations, or fine-tune your message for maximum impact, we can help.

Our Vision
Becoming leaders in our field of effective communicaiton by providing comprehensive, respectful and compassionate service to individuals from all walks of life.
Our Values
  • Provide excellent service in our field of expertise
  • Commitment to respect individuality and diversity
  • Inspire hope and empower people through open and honest communication