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Communicating World

A Global Initiative to Resolve Global Conflicts

From personal to social to global conflicts, we live in a world awash with them. Social injustices and prejudice, hate crimes, and territorial and economic-based disputes that result in wars and starvation existing in many regions of the world are a direct consequence of miscommunication and an unwillingness to communicate effectively. Genuinely listening, having an honest and open dialogue, becoming more aware of the problems, and mutually deciding on taking positive actions towards resolution is the only way to resolve any conflict, no matter how big. It sounds simple, but as we all know, not so easy to implement; still, it is doable as long as we acknowledge the immense cost of allowing such disputes to persist and are prepared to take action, no matter how small, to address them.

We believe that employing fundamental effective communication strategies aimed at resolving such conflicts and disputes is a positive step in the right direction. And while we rely on governments to initiate conflict resolution and reconciliation, it is our responsibility to become aware of the causes of the different conflicts in our society and be involved wherever possible by improving the quality of our communication.

We don’t mean to imply that nothing is being done to address these issues. By offering our services to people ready to listen, learn, engage, and help, we hope to be a part of the solution.

Bob Gottfried, Ph.D., the founder of ACT Communication and the driving force behind the Communicating World initiative

He Firmly believes that fundamental changes can only happen one person at a time. Changing paradigms begin with a thought, but it must be followed by constructive action. That is something we owe to ourselves and future generations!

We, therefore, plan to train people to become ambassadors who will promote our vision in their own communities on a non-profit basis.
If you are interested in becoming a communication leader and an ambassador of Communicating World or would want to volunteer to be part of our support team please let us know.

We would also like to hear from people of all backgrounds and areas of expertise on ideas for promoting and supporting our initiative.