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Our mission is to help people enhance the quality of their lives by enhancing
the quality of their communication

While it is possible to discuss a product or service at great length, such an approach may not necessarily make one more persuasive. Similarly, explaining a point in exhaustive detail does not necessarily equate to ensuring that one’s ideas are fully comprehended and impactful to the intended audience. Even a beautifully designed brand name or advertisement may not be effective in persuading us to take action unless it is skillfully crafted with that specific goal in mind.

Effective communication is essential for achieving your goals, whether in personal or business relationships. However, it is not enough for your message to make sense to you alone; it must also be comprehensible and impactful to your intended audience. For instance, if you aim to persuade someone to change a particular behaviour, you must adopt a communication approach that takes into account the recipient’s unique communication style, preferences, and deeper needs. The challenge, however, lies in uncovering these factors, as people tend to conceal them during communication. Without considering these factors, even the most compelling arguments may fail to persuade.

At our coaching and training programs, we will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to address these challenges successfully. Our expert coaches and consultants will guide you through the process of identifying and adapting to your audience’s communication style, preferences, and needs. With our help, you will learn how to craft persuasive messages that resonate with your audience, and ultimately achieve your desired outcomes. By mastering these skills, you will become a more effective communicator, both in your personal and professional relationships.

Did you know that according to studies miscommunication in the workforce accounts to over 1 trillion dollar loss to the North American economy?

We at ACT Communication believe that what matters most is the results you get and whether the specific communication strategies you use to relay your message maximize your short and long-term goals.

We offer training programs, coaching, and consultations to help you improve the quality of your message, improve all types of relationships, negotiate better terms and resolve most interpersonal conflicts.

We have developed powerful strategies to help you deliver more impactful, effective and long-term results. Whether you wish to improve a relationship with people – from a life partner to your business partner, from your child to your colleagues- or enhance your message, by applying the proper communication strategies, you can bypass many of the obstacles people present that prevent you from achieving your goals.


We provide cutting-edge training programs regarded by people who have taken them as life changers.
The programs can take you from communication fundamentals to communication mastery.

Message/Brand/Marketing Analysis

Impactful strategies that drive your message home

An ad, a brand name, or a marketing campaign cannot only rely on nice graphics and catchy slogans. It has to be impactful and drive the message home, and to accomplish that, you need to understand how it affects your audience on a subconscious level.

We provide an in-depth analysis that will explore what drives your particular audience to respond proactively and the best approach to increase your message’s effectiveness by improving engagement and motivating your potential audience to take positive action.

Our analysis includes the following
  • Assess your message in terms of looks and content
  •  Compare your message to what you represent (products, ideas, brand, etc.)
  •  Identify your target market
  • Assess the psycho-behavioural impact of your message on your audience
  • Make recommendations, offer alternatives and further options

We provide effective communication training in the following formats:

  • one on one
  • in groups
  • online workshops

We offer 3 training Programs: